Appliances Optimization Texts

Optimization of electrical installations of buildings

1. All electrical installations of urban and rural buildings shall be optimized and implemented in accordance with the provisions of clause 13.

2. All electrical appliances in the building including two branches, sockets, chandeliers, lights and machines in the buildings are equipped with a third wire system (protective conductor).

3. The location of the measuring equipment (electricity meter) is equipped with a third wire system (ground connection) and a protective frame for moisture, dust, snow and rainfall, and observance (IP 44 and 46) is strictly regulated and the authorities of the Electricity and Owners' Easily access it.

4. Power supply meters at the inlet and outlet are equipped with automatic switches of miniature current intensity.

5. In the case of a ground connection, the ground wire system of the third wire shall be clearly identified in the inputs for inspection and maintenance.

6. All electrical appliances in the buildings (one phase or three phases) of the two branches and terminals and the corresponding cables are equipped with a third wire system (ground shield).

7. All power supply branching paths should be selected so that the heating of other installations, such as water pipe, heat, steam, chimneys, also does not affect corrosive substances and are installed at the right distance.

8. All residential, office and commercial units, regardless of the sub surface, should be fitted with the power consumption of the miniature fuses suitable for the consumer output power and be equipped with a miniature fuse in separation and power of energy circuits.

9. Lighting circuit, sockets, machines and computer system must have a miniature fuse and safety key.

10. All monolayer wires and coated cables are arranged in PVC and PVC pipes and are made of UV-resistant materials, heat and cold, and installed and optimized.

11. All outdoor electricity distribution boxes shall be considered in the construction of the building in such a way as to be completely protected against heat, cold, humidity and dust, and the IP must be fully complied with.

12. In buildings, all electrical, telephone, audio and video installations, central antennas and software systems independent of low voltage power plants are installed and optimized.

13. All bells and keystrokes and times are powered by 6 volts and 12 volts, and the installation is based on 12 volts, including a water cooler.

14. In the blue cooler, the keypad is equipped with 6 or 12 volts and is optimized.

15. Installation of lighting lights in outdoor areas, bathrooms, bathrooms and facilities exposed to water and snow and rain are equipped with plastic and glass protective frames.

16. Installations and switches The installation site must be selected so that the water and steam discharges are completely protected and the height of their installation from the ground, depending on the application, is strictly adhered to.

17. All gas, water and door and entrance and exit windows of buildings are equipped with a third wire system (ground connection).

18. All communication devices, mobile wires and sockets are designed and installed in such a way that they are safe and protected from dirt and water penetration.