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Third Wire White Ash Co.

Innovator of third wire system in Iran

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Research Institute, Smart Solar Cooling Cooler Laboratory, Third Wire Company
Certificate of invention of design, technology and innovation in production for the first time in Iran and the world
Completely hygienic, environmental, safety, air purification, low consumption, economical and durable

Certificate of Invention of Intelligent Control Device Ground Ground Connection to prevent electric shock, fire, disability and energy by "By Mohammad Nassiri"

Intelligent Water based Solar Cooler

The first production and inventor

Intelligent Water based Solar Cooler

With 24 advantages in Iran and the world

Smart Earthing System Control

The first manufacturer, inventor of electrical installations of buildings

Smart earth control system with stainless steel electrode, gelatinous energy reducing minerals

With 14 advantages and alarm system in Iran and the world

Have a look for the future

Everyone knows that Iran and the world face the problem of scarcity of natural resources, including water

Researchers and researchers are working to address the environmental problems of global water scarcity and global warming, and provide alternative products.

The change in approach and lifestyle begins with ourselves. You can help with the conservation of products that are in harmony with the environment and health, especially the reduction of global warming.

Third Wire Company Products are a good alternative to traditional and old products.